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Geo-Fresh organic – a “House of Organics” was incorporated aiming implementation as well as promotion of organic farming and to facilitate marketing of various organic produce. We maintain the bond of trust and co-operation with farmers and customers to promote Organic Herbs cultivation in India and Supply these products World Wide.

We firmly believe in healthy, long-term relationship with the farmers/suppliers and our valued customer, by providing continuous flow of standard quality products and outstanding services.
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We have certified Organic farms, processing units for raw materials processing, herbal extractions and distillation, enabling us to deliver Organic products like Organic Spices, Organic with ultimate quality standards with required purity.

Our cultivation belt covers more than 23000 acres of Certified Organic land, in coordination with around 2500 small farmers. As a part of our corporate mission, we promote education and health programs for farmers and children, offer technical guidance for cultivation and best prices for their produce, aiming improvement of their soil and living standards.

What's New

GlycerineOrganic Glycerine

Organic Glycerine - is derived from Non-GMO, Organic certified
vegetbale oils. It complies the USDA norms with purity of more than
99.5 %. It is certified Organic by Ecocert and KOSHER approved. Read more...

Organic Soy Lecithin

Geo-fresh Organic Soya lecithin - food/pharma grade is certified
Organic by Ecocert, KOSHER approved product derived from Non-GMO,
organic certified soy oil. It contains phosphatidy choline, other
phospholipids, triglycerides, fatty acids and glycolipids.


Organic Food Colours

We introduce several vegetable based Organic food colours. These
colours are derived from organic certified raw material and are
prepared at the best quality to be used in food and pharma products.
Our food colours are Organic and Kosher approved.

Organic Stevia Extracts

Geo-fresh introduce various grades of Organic Stevia extracts
certified by Ecocert and Kosher approved. Organic Stevioglycosides 95
%, Reb A 97 % are the processes product produce from Organic stevia
leaves.






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